“Beetlejuice” in THE ERA of Social Media

Considering a sequel to our favorite ghoulish comedy, can “the dead” actually “get-up-to-speed” and master computers? Or “can you teach a goblin, new tricks” as I kid you, shuffling through this modern age of “Twitter” and “sharing-apps” like a zombie, risen from the age of proto-“Web 2.0” or even reaching for the hallowed triad, “Web 3.0”. Otherwise, it’s flint-knives and bear-skins out here, as we’re “slowly getting a handle” on this technology-stuff. If you’ve been following us, or “have been in the dark”– we’re opening “the sharing widgets” so you can alert your friends, or repost news “on the Greatest Show on Earth”, or at least this humble operation I operate out of a fetid basement like a cheap-sheet of self-published webzines.

Think of me, as “creaky”. Betelgeuse, himself would probably be nailing-up notices on telephone-poles, but may have graduated to the level of a cell-phone. . . . . ear cocked, hyperventilating into a receiver about “hog futures” and fancying himself, “a player” at the ole’ “wheelin’ n’ dealin’ table”. He’s “just mortal-enough” while I would presume that most ghosts would appear “by visitation” without worrying about service-carrier charges.

That might be “another kind of hell”, being “put-on hold” in a labyrinthine phone-system as that would be the logical extension of the ole’ after-life waiting-room, like some kind of nightmarish insurance-office. Sometimes, that’s what it feels like– going through the WordPress FAQ’s to figure-out, how to actually get the site, up-and-running which can be an odious and daunting task– so forgive myself as I slowly learn. Stiff-fingers wrapped in bandages, flapping like a shroud down the winds of the ole’ cyber-highway.

I think the character, Lydia would be at a cynical braise, posting demonic “Hello, Kitty” type postings in pointy, black witch-hat’s or otherwise living-in a punk-rock den. Computers are “the accepted part of things” for Generation-X though the actually actress, Winona Ryder would better, “live without the stuff” as she never seemed to be that much into technology unto a charming fumble of “first-print editions” of old books. I guess, that’s what a crack media-team is for with publicists and press-agents.

Betelgeuse’s idea “of grassroots promotion” is walking around with a bull-horn lifted-up to his foully-working mouth, full of oaths and inducements and guarantees like an obscene carnival barker. Call me one step, “more subtle” as we bring you the best fan-fiction on the web as the sequel languishes, “in development hell”. The world “needs a hero”, and I’ll be your script-doctor.



“Beetlejuice” in THE ERA of Social Media

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