Lydia Deetz– “Back in Business, Again”

What would “Beetlejuice” have become, if not anchored by the mordant, cynical “voice-of-reason”? That voice was Lydia’s as a kind of Californian death-rock “Twist of Cain” understated, sarcastic petulance and open-mind for “strange & unusual” possibilities, as happenstance as a hot goth-club act or trunk of cultural kitsch “up on some reclusive third-floor” of teenaged languor.

I think “we should bring her back” and question, “where she is” all these years later. Well, Lydia was a very bright, monosyllabic cynic– and I could see her “still in search of novelty” and maybe hosting a local cable-access show, “Lydia’s Trunk of the Strange & Unusual” tour program of relics, haunted spots, and hot local history like “Elvira’s niece” with a group of alternative kids, working as “crew”.

I don’t think she would have ever “settled-down”, into the arts and a fixture on the local death-rock scene– perched before  video-editing equipment and scratching beneath the chin of her Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named for Glen of “The Misfits” as she wears a necklace of finger-bones and watches campy old movies in her lair. She’s still “young at heart” and appreciates ethereal photography and musty old books like a true pagan.

And “for Pete’s sake”, she doesn’t always have to wear that same raven-dress with the spiky black hair, as fashion is variable and full of kooky, stylish possibilities. For instance, black leg stockings, a dark undershirt, a blue-denim-jacket, and a sun-hat as she’s carried-along in snake-skin boots, holding up a camera and taking pictures. Little children run away from her, thinking “she’s a witch” but it’s all a part of her charismatic, bewitching personality full of “love for the night” and the possibility it brings, the allure of dark grottos and self-published raven-poetry.

Winona Ryder should get the part, and we strive to get her “a good role”, one that “does justice” to the original character. The talent of her fetching personality, is the key to making this character “come alive” as she speaks into a microphone, before the camera. We’ll see her again, soon “with a little bit of luck”.


Lydia Deetz– “Back in Business, Again”

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