The Dark Side of Saturn

“Beetlejuice” is full of strange & unusual dimensions. . . . .as THE UNIVERSE IS STRANGER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE. Ghostly persons are sent through an intergalactic “rerouting center” of trick-doors “and tunnels between worlds” as “purgatory” figures, largely– surreal perspectives on office bureaucracy as “eternity keeps its books”.

As our hero, “DIED”– but how can “ghosts die”? More accurately, in this fun-house universe he “was recycled” into a waiting-room of after-life limbo “to settle accounts”– as “take a number while your claim is settled, IRS-style.

You have the feeling that the realm of the undead reaches, all across outer space as you trickle past purple nebulae as giant Lovecraftian beasts “fade in and out” of reality like giant creatures, indifferent to the plight of man– as the concept mashes-up elements of horror and science fiction for one screwball take on situational comedy

You can’t forget the sandworms lunging at you on the surface of a far-off planet, perhaps “the moons of Saturn” through kitty-litter like deserts with red-rock stone arches. You play “a cat and mouse game” as the snake-like creature dives through the world with a spray of yellow sand, like something out of “Dune”.

Could there be flying varieties, like a dragon through the sky? And what if one started chasing Betelgeuse through the galaxy– or what if they took on a parody of human dining in a kind of “Megalon eatery”, dressed in finery as a miniature Betlegeuse ducked and hid around the table. Maybe floating through chowder and hiding behind napkin dispensers and salt & pepper shakers, before chased by a “Venus fly-trap” like something out of “Super Mario Bros.”

In the age of CGI, all of this is possible as we can think-up of plenty adventures, now. You have been reading “Bj2 fan-fiction”, and we’ll be back, tomorrow with more fabulous fancy.


The Dark Side of Saturn

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