“B-Movie”, Military Trucks & “The Chase”

What would a zany, horror/science-fiction movie, be– without “the military sent-in”?

Call it traces of “Ernest P. Wurrel” or the slow-uptake of lumbering “military logic”, but once Betelgeuse is zapped down to earth from technological misadventure– well, bring-out “the old military-surplus”, just like the 1950’s “eggplant that ate Cleveland” trope– rolling trucks, military radios, and World War II uniforms. . . . .

As call “The Army”, “The Navy”, “The Air-Force”. . . . . THE NATIONAL GUARD!

St. Louis is an aerospace-town, and up in a grassy, barren, cold suburb of the city– we have an airport, a Boeing-plant, and an air-base as that would seem like “the perfect setting” for a whole bunch of hi-tech “ray-gun/transformer” experiments, lasers and atom-smashers reaching-out “to other dimensions”, and somehow– miraculously “brushing-up” against the world of the undead, where “things are not, what they seem” or the stranger parts of inter-dimensional space, “just below the surface” as wraiths and sheet-trailing ghosts whirl around the experiment chamber, as the consoles “go haywire”.

There are plenty of “alternative theories” about ghosts, or the mystery of language, or if ideas “kind of exist, out there” for intelligent-beings “to pluck, down” with a bit of inspiration if you can think of our planet, surrounded “by whirling space-junk” and/or THE PURE ESSENCE of ideas– like nuts and bolts and space-wrenches from NASA craft, like “cluttered debris”. For instance, when people “are possessed” or “speak in tongues”, they’re tapping this orbital “idea-field” when ghosts fly-down and channel-through somebody.

And maybe, the military/aerospace complex “melts the dimensions, together” while frying their experimental machinery, thus bringing “Betelgeuse down to earth– where it’s just ordinary, if zany country misadventure as the government scratches it’s head, triangulates its signals, and goes looking for our “ghost with the most” out of top-secret “National Security” directives or any case, “moves the plot, forward”.

In the end, ominous spirits whirl through the St. Louis Arch, as Cousin Hugo attempts “world take-over” and Betelgeuse, paired-up with Lydia, “must stop him” with a chase through the bike-paths and glass concourses of downtown St. Louis, for a bit of “on-location” atmosphere.

Of course, they may just film in “Vancouver”, and “cut costs”– but in the formative writing process, “write what you know” and I think of the local area, where I live.

Betelgeuse “would fit, right-in” and fit-in with the locals, ringing the city in a rural loop of screwball caricature, verging on “Mark Twain satire” as humanity– love-it, or hate-it– is probably, “crude, backwards, and beyond-all-redemption” as still–

IT’S FERTILE MATERIAL FOR THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF “BEETLEJUICE”. Staying on the blog, trying to write “every day”, and appreciative to all my readers.

Now go. . . . . spread the word, and I THANK YOU ALL. More, tomorrow.


“B-Movie”, Military Trucks & “The Chase”

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