Monsters, USA & World’s Wildest Police-Videos


Apparently, every state has its legendary creatures & odd-sighting’s of “Big Foot” like proportions. The one I remember, was “The Chuberra” or Mexican goat-sucker that best, resembles “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” and I’m sure that the ole’ Fox network probably ran an hour-long special, back in the day– next to “World’s Wildest Police Videos” for the best of proto-reality shows, as the cheap video-tape is “a dead giveaway”. REAL T.V. or not, but I would see Beetlejuice had home, beer in hand, watching the ilk as deer antlers hang in “his devil’s den” and bag of bite-size candy-bars. I’m sure, he would “get in the middle, of it” either “donning a suit”, in the Missouri swampland or inadvertently, ruining a film-shoot and getting tied-up with local meth-dealer’s, in the woods. Why, “Duck Dynasty” could even make “a cameo” as it’s rugged living, maybe some off those “all-terrain vehicles” tearing-up the creek-bed’s. Maybe Lydia’s tourism-show would come on down, and do an on-site investigation as Beetlejuice wears mirror-shades, a camouflage Stetson, and talks into the microphone like a pontoon-boat guide. He’d be perfect– and tying-in “local creature-features”, as always as please don’t shoot this movie in Toronto,

Monsters, USA & World’s Wildest Police-Videos

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