“Vincent”, by Tim Burton

This is practically, the first official-release our gothic-doom director came out with, back in 1982. Believe it, or not– but it was bankrolled by “The Walt Disney Company” as they didn’t know what to make of the young Tim Burton. A cult children’s video, as you can see how he is about to bring zany film-making, up to the next revolutionary level– as this is pretty good for a 23 or 24 year-old. Apparently, lots of animators work with their own miniature “stop-action” films that hones their skills, for a major career. Vincent Price was so nice, to show-up with this tribute to him, as I see a lot of German Expressionism, like something out of a hokey, old film but brought into relative “modern-day”.

We hope you enjoy-it.

“Vincent”, by Tim Burton

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