Happy Valentine’s Day to Winona

valentine_day_package  lydia

“Where did she hear that one, before”?

I can’t be alone, in thrall of her—aglow like a luminescent china-doll and into the hearts of your ole’ super information highway of hobbyists and monitor-Romeos. Think of me, toiling obsessively like a mad “Edward Scissorhands” genius as the snow-flakes billow all around in a lawn of ice-sculptures.

Droll, enough—a bit of bubblegum sarcasm for who or what, crawls-out this Valentine’s Day. Who else will share my interest in horror, punk, heavy-metal, video-gaming, and odd YouTube videos? For you are my muse, be still my beating heart, and as likely as “a snowball in hell”.

But good dreams, are made of this—so let’s go-out with a bang, not a whimper—unless it’s an artistic mewling, for her sweet-hand. Anyway, hope you’ll like the video of Edward Scissorhands’ unrequited love. I may not run the best put-together WordPress blog, BUT I’M A STRICKEN ARTIST.

Cookie-hearts and strawberry ice-cream, for this card-making excuse for a holiday.


Happy Valentine’s Day to Winona

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