“The Other Ghostbusters”

In the haze of youthful memory, I guess there were two “Ghostbusters” shows on television.

The intro featured here is from the one that aired, five-days-a-week in the afternoons.

Different, you might note– from “The Real Ghostbusters” as this one reminds me, more of a George W. Bush “spook-hunt” with about the same level of sophistication. . . . . unto madcap Hanna-Barbara antics.

I think it’s the shuffling-feet. . . . .The movie franchise debuted in 1984, and their in-house cartoon show came out in 1986. Somewhere, in the middle, in say 1985– was this odd show that didn’t seem to come from anywhere. There was the one, everyone was familiar-with, and then “there was that show” as it filled-up my youthful days with nuance and mystery, how there could be a Nintendo game you played, then rarer “arcade version” as it was a difference in graphics, or the very color of the logo as you somehow, noticed “these things”.

Scrambling over names and copyrights, the studio added “THE REAL” to their “Ghostbusters” program to halt any confusion, if there would be any doubt over which, was what– though their claim to the name was based a live-action kids’ show on local in the late 1960’s that no remembers, a local “Captain Kangaroo” take from Texas like old station-programming and the haunted UHF airwaves like farm reports and “Mr. Ed” re-runs.

This was the strictly “Animal Crackers” discount version, I caught more of than the official show– which only aired on Saturday’s with the usual cast of characters like “Slimer” and the “Stay-Puff Marshmallow man”. There’s a certain life, “off-the-grid” and “off-the-beaten-path” that involves lots of milk-crates and knock-off “Popeye” overalls I seemed to be stuck with, as my father renovated the house with handiwork and I kept out of trouble with a little spare t.v. that i watched and otherwise “stayed-out-of-mischief”.

I speak of bargain-basement derangement as there certainly “was a difference” with what richer kids, got– with all the toys, but you got what you paid-for. . . . . and I lived my early years in the discount bins of “Good Will” and “The Salvation Army” like a real trooper, coming-home insistently everyday to catch my afternoon cartoons.

Beetlejuice would be stalking around there on the Metro bus-line with a package of liquor and a bus transfer, as he’s a part of me, too. Who better to run the blog?

Who remembers? Who cares?

Well, you do-– my readers, and we will continue to come out of left-field, from where you’re least expecting us as you have to say. . . . . . there’s not another WordPress site “like it”. Back, tomorrow– “so don’t you go changin’.

“The Other Ghostbusters”

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