“Everyday is Halloween” with Glenn Danzig

This was Samhain playing in the mid-’80s and here is the final, crowning “one hot minute” at the death-rocker show, as it’s famous monsters “at the drive-in”. . . . . crusin’ down Spook City, USA. with your fellow psycho/thrashers for memories of Elvis von Frankenstein. It’s that point, when the evening pivots and your collective merges into smooth, mellow quicksilver as the crowd “has its moment”, the fact you’re all glad you stood there in exhilaration for the battering toll of the experience, “showing-up”.

Distilled-down to its crude, video-taped essence. . . . . the concert shined through, regardless, and you wish you were there. . . . .


“Everyday is Halloween” with Glenn Danzig

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