It’s the Academy Awards!

I can’t say that “Beetlejuice” would be much of a prestige picture, when you get right-down-to-it, but this is the biggest night in movies. . . . .

And what better occasion, to bring-out the most rancid, but entertaining “grind-house” and drive-in features.  They’d run anything, as long as it was an excuse to point the paying customers to the snack-stand as they oftentimes had to avoid the local censorship-boards of small, evangelist towns.

A company named “Something Weird” bought-up the rights to a huge vault of schlock-film, cheap-reels, and nostalgia-mayhem as it was otherwise, rotting in a garage, somewhere. All the blood-freak movies, LSD educational-films, and farmhouses full of fabulous, noxious freaks you could want as “low-brow” 1960’s cinema has an aesthetic, all of its own. Viewer discretion, advised for “Raiders of the Lost Celluloid”.

Incidentally, Beetlejuice won an Academy Award for best make-up and effects. . . . . could we ask for more? Yes– a sequel. Thanks for visiting the blog, and we’ll see “who won best picture”, tomorrow as we’ll be back. Viva “Birdman”!

It’s the Academy Awards!

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