Beetlejuice, the Original Era– “A Postcard”

This is the vintage 1980’s trailer for Beetlejuice, and as you can see– between cruddy video transfer and muffled sound, this is an “oldie” but “goodie” like the kind of thing you’d rent in the archetypical ole’ video-rental hut. I remember those, if no one else does– on the tail-end before Blockbuster completely took-over. Sure, rental fees were like $3, which really amounts “to more” once you consider costs after 25 years of inflation.

Mostly, I would always gravitate toward places that were like, “two tapes for a dollar” as these would sometimes be in the back of record stores, grabbing for the college youth crowd with “midnight” cult-movies and other odd releases. You could catch, say– “Blazing Saddles”, or “The Groove Tube”, or “Fletch”, or “The Kentucky Fried Movie” behind these big, clunky VHS-boxes that were sealed and molded, to each store’s own preference. Just a video-box, and maybe the front & back-flap of the tape as clearly, it was another era, another technology.

Also what made the era, different– you would have more “live-action” movies with clunky special effects, and as you can see from the trailer– it has sort of a bonkers “Play-House” feel and ability to play with solid-space, without all the CGI that would be moving in within the next couple of years.

“The media is the message”, am I right?

This was in the era, of what’s of telecommunication expansion as the free “1-800-NUMBER” seemed like all the limit,a smooth counter that clacked with painted nails as a big-haired “media bimbo” broadcasted in a pants-suit which was the style, at the time. Not all the technology had become “consumer-grade” and readily available as to commit to media and movie-making required a lot of equipment, typically at a local public-access station where you sat with your video-tape and edited at their booth, before a monitor like a renegade filmmaker and home-media flunkie.

I think they use the same overdubbed-announcer, who talks in “a few voices” depending on “what pitch” is required, as he dominated practically all the trailers except for the syrupy “Disney-guy” who pushed kids’ movies. Sweet work, if you could get it– as this was this guy’s JOB. Out of broadcasting school, he became one of those voices, “you know” but you can’t ever quite identify as I think I saw the actor once voice-perform as “an in-joke” for a Geico’s commercial as he was just known, “as movie-guy” who signed-off on all those lil’ postcards, of film.

You can cut your own trailers, now– and rip-off audio to completely make-over something new as media can be cut, pasted, and blended as the art-form now belongs to the people. As does publishing, or putting our “your own rag”, like this one. Thanks again for being my loyal readers as this blog is now beginning to pick-up steam.

Viva internet! And see you soon.

Beetlejuice, the Original Era– “A Postcard”

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