Kooky Vampira Gyrations

Every movie, he did– had kind of a morbid-slant to it, wouldn’t you think?

Yes, and I could be talking about no one else than Tim Burton, who directed Beetlejuice and also “Ed Wood”, a biopic about “The World’s Worst Director” as it was all fiendish plots, cardboard graveyards, rubber octopus contraptions, flying saucers dangling on fishing-line, and the most bizarre assortment of “stock footage” ever spliced-into a feature, to save on “special fx”.

This is a music video, tacked-on during the production of “Ed Wood” as a bonus-feature on the DVD, as it fits-in with the zany aesthetic of Beetlejuice, an earlier movie with snaking bass-lines and thumping timpanis, even a “theremin” that gives-off that spooky, radio-age chorus that was the hallmark of old horror & science-fiction films.

The gothic lifestyle became a fashion trip, when Generation-X would live-out cynical, morbid fantasies and home decorum, as you are– what you buy– as there’s a moody lifestyle of artists, poets, and cynics that richly made-up the 1990’s with lots of cult-cinema and dark, ambient musical selections as everyone is an overgrown teenager.

Lydia would live a sulking lifestyle in a funeral-fog of perked-up interest, for the likes of Vampria the 1950’s movie-show hostess who introduced horror classics on Saturday nights, kind of the precursor to “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark” who herself, was unsuccessfully sued “for stealing the act”.

If you can’t slay ’em, join ’em. For more ookey thrills, all-around as Hollywood Babylon and Culver City Transylvania has its devotees. And how modern technology brings-it all home, as I’m sure I would see Lydia tapping-away on a smart-phone in present-day.

Hello, kitty– and “Emily Strange” emoticons as you never really get-over the stuff you were into, as a teenager. I don’t want to grow-up. . . . . do you?

Kooky Vampira Gyrations

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