Talking Business with “Death”. . . . .

“Holy cross-over”, CAPTAIN FRANCHISE.

We don’t strictly stay “on topic” all the time, and find ourselves tying-in other youthful comedies, or ghost stories, or kind of– A COMMINGLING of themes that ranges all throughout “the strange & unusual” to be found in ole’ film-land.

Here, the lads meet “DEATH”– literally, The Grim Reaper given physical form. The duke of spook, the jock of shock, like “the harvester of sorrow” as the only thing we can say, is “heavy, dude”.

It would imagine that demons, goblins, ect. have a hierarchy and custodial-jobs in the ole’ after-life, ranging through extraterrestrial dimensions and secret doorways into levels of existence as this stuff can range from satire, to a touch of cosmological science-fiction and you may have to wonder, does Death get “a desk-job”?

Ask not, the ways of purgatory– but spooks have their quotas and spiritual currency to exchange, be this servitude or taxes throughout sort of these bonkers, “play-house” sets of the dead with skull-headed bureaucrats scratching over paperwork.

I would imagine, the blackness of star-lit space as a kind of ghoulish set-piece, if Beetlejuice and Cousin Hugo were stranded on an asteroid, drifting through spook-world and being chased by flying, striped sand-worms and other murky, giant creatures of quantum worlds that fade in and out of sight, just out of reach of human perception.

Of course, out here it’s different! I don’t know, if you were ever “on the run” from a giant ogre or suspended upside-down in a galactic space-cage, like a side of beef.

If the practice of “soul-harvesting” involved kind of these spiritual oil-deckers where by the machine of the after-life is oiled by the suffering of your existence as ghosts moan, in and out– like “lost souls” on the bottom of exorcised “give & take” fuel of friction and suffering like a sort of self-fulfilling meaning of life, where misery is all.

Obviously, Beetlejuice tries to sneak-out from under that onerous-load and is always trying to bring-in fresh souls to enslave, so that means more profit and less work for himself as a kind of free-lance huckster, out there in a night of lawn-chairs, television-aerials, and pink flamingos “as an old pro”, you definitely don’t want to get mixed-up, with.

The after-life has a logic, and Beetlejuice’s attempts to scramble-out from under responsibility have created a rift in the cosmic balance, between matter and anti-matter with a strange alchemy of changed forms, from living existence and the void where he comes from, as this was kicked-off by a misfired experiment on an experimental military station. Unless he straightens out the error,by sacrificing himself to nothingness– the world will close-up on itself like a black-hole as he always keeps moving, oblivious to the deadly secret as he sleazes his way on Earth, below.

As the plot thickens, and the world turns. . . . . this could be good. So stay-tuned, for more speculation of where this Beetlejuice sequel will go. May the momentum, getting this blog seen “be with you”.

Talking Business with “Death”. . . . .

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