The Nintendo “Seal of Quality”?

Pardon the length of the companion video, but clearly this was the best way to put the old Beetlejuice Nintendo game into the context, and most deserved– as a poorly programmed piece of crap you’d be sorry, to read about in the back of a comic-book. Or if even find yourself about to go out and purchase it, as it was 25 years ago.

And how bad is this game?

Well, listen to the evidence and try to see for yourself as you wonder about this atrocity,how they could even “get away, with it” but such was the poor word-of-mouth that caught-up with it, years later.

And you wonder how it got the old Nintendo “Seal of Quality. . . . . and there would be a bunch of kids, crying for their refunds– but that’s not the way, the industry makes money. No matter how sweetly and piteously you ask for an exchange, the sales-clerk won’t do it– and it’s wailing boys in the car, driving home.

Yes, that’s how it was in the crude days of hardware and pre-internet communications, as let this long, angry rant edify and instruct you. Personally, I have all the games via a “NES-emulator” and can systematically “test” all those titles I’d never spend money, on as it’s all a free download..

Cheap thrills, eight-bits of technology, and a blog to talk about it.

But trust me– this game is bad.

It’s the kind of thing, that Beetlejuice– dressed-up like Santa Clau–s would fling-out into the yards of apartment-complexes from his moving, clattering junk-cab because we’re talking discounts and rotten surprises– the carnival-wonder of a new title, and then finding-out what it was you really got, instead to the wails of youth. About, “what you can count-on”.

But then you’re never supposed to look a gift-horse in the mouth.

But again– did I tell you how bad this game was?


The Nintendo “Seal of Quality”?

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