Life as a Blogger

Party-hearty, the day afterwards– for “the pajama-pundit” or at least, what it feels like when you wake-up in the morning. Borrowing from the few first minutes of a movie that had premise, Bobcat Goldthawait in “Shakes the Clown” about the world of for-hire entertainment, usually at kid’s birthday parties.

The point is, he’s a drunk– and this amounts to about “The Citizen Kane” of alcoholic clown-movies, particularly in the genre of comedy. It has its moments as one of your author’s “cult-films” for zany time-distraction, a bit like the broad, obnoxious humor in “Married with Children”. . . . . But the idea of “the every-man”, as you hear a lot of jokes about hang-overs and wild nights, having adventures. 

And I wonder if Beetlejuice could be a children’s birthday-party clown. I’m sure, the effect would be about as wretched, as it’s “the old bag-of-tricks” and getting stampeded-over and getting whupped with those orange “Hot Wheels” track as he runs into a door-jamb. it’s all a microcosm of the working-world. . . ..

And isn’t the blogosphere glorious?

Just remember– “he who does not work, does not eat”. But I put in my time, and smell better than “Shakes” sprawled-out on the tile bathroom floor. Better lay-off that coffee, some– or maybe just the turpentine. Sure, a lot of half-mad poets lived-up in a cold garret and survived by scribbling-out doggerel, a penny-a-word as it certainly has its commitments.

I wish I could tell you that blogging was as exciting, as it’s more like “putting one foot, in front of the other” and somehow, waking-up to a filthy house with laundry soaking and Ramon noodles on the pot, and a dog scratching-around. Not everyone can get paid to pontificate, as I consider-it a high-impact hobby that might pay off someday. What a way to promote a half-unwritten script, as I find time for that, too.

And thank you for your time, checking-out what I have to say everyday. You are my loyal, consistent readers. “Clown-for-hire”, or another word for “screenwriter”.

You going to eat all that pizza?

Life as a Blogger

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