“I will not bow to any sponsor”. . . . .

Ah, Wayne’s World got it right– a sly way to push “product placement” spots while not distracting from the story, zany and mad-cap as it is.

Jokes like this can be incorporated into the script, with a piece of throw-away dialogue or may be as simple as featuring a business in the background. Maybe a few sequences that parody product culture– like a subtle, yet ironic advertising spot.

Part of me didn’t even realize I was being advertised to, as you figure that using actual brands adds to the realism. The object is “feeling good”– unto a breezy, self-satisfied state of mind like some perfect utopia of snatch n’ grab convenience. You know, how popping a can of soda “with obvious gusto” solves all of life’s waking problems, easily.

It could easily “shave a million dollars” off the budget if you integrated enough products with plenty of cross-promotional offers. Lots of offers, on the web and mobile– like viral marketing of cyber-traffic, upon these ideas. It’s how mascots and symbols of ideas suggest a scrumptious essence, like the spirit of a brand as a lot of beloved figures in advertising-age mythology originally came from commercial print-media.

Like ghosts, maybe– or the idea of an idea, as spirits invented out of nothing? I could see Beeteljuice chased around by living, CGI advertisements in a snarl of language, symbol, and haunting spirits as ideas take-on pure form “in the ghost world”, like a land of “imaginary, negative numbers” or holding tank of “pure thought” like haunted images.

You’d have to see it, to believe it– all while Lydia and her gang complain about commercialism and riffing on ideas, as it becomes a subtle way to push product placement among the young, cool, and disaffected. You can’t go wrong with word-play as the whole movie could be a walking commercial just by “naming a product” and riffing-around in the script. You’ll see the directions in sharp dialogue, it will take as I’m sure Winona will get all the free Coca-Cola products, she ever wanted as they could always pay me in soda.

See it all, in “Beetlejuice 2”. . . . . word-of-mouth coming to a message board, near you as spread the word, razzle-dazzle and a real night down at the bug-zapper.

“I will not bow to any sponsor”. . . . .

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