Yes, ole’ “Screaming’ Jay Hawkins” is a piece of his own, and other than saying he would be a close, personal friend of Beetlejuice– in a kind of “buddy-movie”, I refer instead to the dingy quality of community broadcasting.

There’s a vast, encyclopedic knowledge of pop-culture you could only know through what’s called “institutional memory”, or simply “on the grapevine, long-enough” to have a memory for events, benchmarks, and all sorts of odd stuff.

Like maybe, “a collector” of vinyl.And obviously, it refers to Lydia’s trunk of the strange & unusual, not only the title of her show, but where she keeps her treasures. You know, like zines and strange dolls and her supply of box-candy and other sorts of movie-card memorabilia.

Could the likes of Lydia Deetz host a community radio-show?

You betcha, and she would bring in her trunk of old novelty records while playing the role of acerbic D.J. at some ungodly midnight hour, the coolest thing on radio air-time. Call-in, with any requests– and the station library has plenty of off-kilter dumpster hits as well.

You could have droll, jazz-baby numbers, as it relates to the old MGM Tom & Jerry cartoons, like a hep cat playing “slap-bass” and singing “is you is, or is you ain’t my baby” as Betty Boop rolls her gogged eyes and goes on all sorts of surreal, black & white adventures and other such obscurities like some old flea market of hokey stuff– and that falls into rich, loamy old St. Louis history by the ole’ Mississippi like farm-land and jazz-swing by the looming cathedrals and old city architecture.

Oftentimes, the older ones “who can tell stories” and have the institutional knowledge are replaced with the young and social-media savvy as the news, radio, and entertainment business shrinks, and otherwise– it’s volunteering at the clotted old community station.

Lydia values the old, odd, and quirky– as she edits video on her home computer, and contributes to her art collective, kind of a YouTube channel as there’s never a shortage, of the ways you can spin “old dross” into the gold of artistic novelty, and later parking at the local IHOP for midnight breakfast over coffee and cigarettes with her best friend. Who else would appreciate this old junk? She’s a curator to the awesome and sits prettily on top of her achievement as a local character, with flair. She’s welcome to my St. Louis, at any time– so support the arts and community awareness–. . . . . . as so little happens, leading to historical “overdosing” on the odd cultural point. We need people like this– to keep the memory, alive. Between bargain grocery shopping and getting other errands done, our media-majors deserve a bit of praise.And “you put a spell, on me” to the actress that plays her. Winona Forever.


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