“Ask a Mortician”

Did you know– that a body is essentially embalmed and dried-out like beef-jerky, painted-up to look good as there are always certain tricks to the trade, to make your deceased “look acceptable”?

Plenty of death-trivia, as this gal explains it all. I heard an interview with this woman, back on a special Halloween broadcast on NPR.

“Ask a Mortician”, or the flippant educational video-diary of a fun, ookey, kookey gal with a few morbid proclivities– as someone into deathly fashion and literal undertaker work as she answers all your questions about “the trade”.If Lydia went to college, they would definitely be “roommates” as a fellow “lost soul”. Snapping photos of gothic University architecture and decorating the homecoming dance with ghastly paper-mache werewolves and other huge floats of squids and sea-monsters at say, the school for funerary science.

Strange & unusual. . . . .as I could see them teaming-up in the library on a research project on the pharmacology behind zombies, what makes folks stagger around as spiritual slaves under the burden of your mastery– as we’re not just talking “zombie-powder”, but more like what it takes to become an underpaid adjunct professor.

Ha! It was always a sleepy academic world, but this is getting ridiculous. Stir some life into your netherworld, and visit here tomorrow for more stuff. You’ve been a wonderful audience, and we really appreciate your visits.


“Ask a Mortician”

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