An “Entertainment Tonight” Beetlejuice Exclusive (Vintage)

Ah, “info-tainment” programs.

The jackals of human-interest video-tape, as the syndicated hour-block came-on about the same time as “Wheel of Fortune” in the vulgar arm-pit of evening, between Super Mario. slacking and a pizza cooking in the oven as it stood for borderless, boundary-less “nothing-space” prime and voluptuously-trashy in the ole’ American zeitgeist as the inclusive narration “made you feel a part of things”, when they did all the work “for you”.

It was good to feel decadent, sometimes and these shows were addictive, so shamelessly, for the young Bart Simpson, among us laid out on the floor, his belly sticking-out, and a soda by his side. The caption: “you, the lazy bum” as there’s a time when you can get-away with that.

Unfortunately, school and work intervenes and you realize how, “all but brainless” the entertainment/celebrity machine really tends to be, as there’s a nexus of celebrity gossip, trash television, and coming-previews as I suppose, I was as eager a customer as anyone.

But making things, happen here– there’s far less time, to watch those shows as I present to you, an interesting clip that’s part “behind-the-scenes” and promotional piece as all the actors “look so young, here” No Michael Keaton to be seen, and “Lydia Deetz” doesn’t say anything, the microphone handed-over to Alec Baldwin, mostly.

Maybe there were “under contract”, not to speak– Winona, as a minor and Michael Keaton maybe in “make-up” somewhere so they didn’t want to give-away, too much.

Interesting, how the format “never changes” as I’m sure you’ll enjoy this short piece. Again, thanks for watching and we’ll be back tomorrow again.

An “Entertainment Tonight” Beetlejuice Exclusive (Vintage)

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