Rocky Horror Keaton Circus


You might wonder– what kind of face ole’ Beetlejuice can “put-on”, as the Maitlin’s in this movie-still “sure seem horrified”.

Incidentally, they may remind you of the same “Brad & Janet” couple from the ole’ “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

And that itself, was a total “freak-out” for some strange, terrifying “Night of the Ghouls” down at some forsaken, backwoods Transylvania. I’d say that “the netherworld” is full of all sorts of strange & unusual and/or horrifying characters, as it adds-up to kitsch/horror/camp/shock-value and a very funny video. I never knew that “Beetlejuice” could be refracted in so many dimensions, but we stay original around these parts, whether Carpathian back-woods or just our own local St. Louis, Missouri. Welcome, and stay-awhile. . . . .

Rocky Horror Keaton Circus

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