Batman on Letterman

Here is Michael Keaton “at his vintage caginess” on the old Late Show with Dave Letterman. Everyone here looks younger, as the Baby Boomer set has had “a long go, of it” and how you wonder if the rising Millennial Generation will ever leave a comparable body of work, as the years certainly have flown-by.

Batman was really my first introduction to the world of Tim Burton and I saw it on my 8th birthday with a friend and his father. The best $5 ever spent on a ticket as I truly found it mind-expanding. I was so much into my little world of Nintendo and summer vacation that I barely knew it was playing– and all of a sudden found myself in the middle of “Bat-mania” with all the shirts and caps.

Not since “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” have I seen to much fan anticipation and long summer mania for a franchise. The world is definitely, “different now” as there’s rarely a central cultural phenomenon that capture’s a nation’s attention, except for scandal

Back then, it was a scandal and uproar– the fact they cast Michael Keaton, though he certainly did a good-job. The public always though of him, more as a comedian and not someone who could wear the cape.

He did a good job, and will always be “the actor” in my mind. Wait around for “Part II” and the video will continue. Here’s to YouTube!

Batman on Letterman

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