Boogie-Woogie Beetlejuice

I’ll admit– it’s not Halloween at the moment– but maybe with some sort of reverse spring solstice we’ll celebrate with this hokey boogey-woogie video.

Who could they be singing, about?

Maybe Beetlejuice is the ole’ “Boogie-Woogie Man” as the sum aggregate of what amounts to backwoods American culture of the 1980’s is built, upon “what came before”. World War II was the century’s anchor, and you could see Beetlejuice wreaking-havoc in other eras.

In style, on the old television/movie-clip, he would look like a slicked-back Maestro in a tuxedo and a bow-tie, leering over the orchestra with a horse-hair baton like a real band-leader– waving-away in the world of old, hokey variety television– as cats scurry out of trash-can’s and the back-fence, sits raggedly.

You could have ads for coffee, or corn-flakes, or soap-powder, or whatever– the sponsors behind the show– and Beetlejuice would push roach-snacks and yellow, nubbed tooth-paste as the old archived images, flicker.

Vampira comes-on next through gesticulating wreaths of whirling-smoke. . . . . until next time, boys & ghouls. You know the word, “Beetlejuice!” “Beetlejuice!” “Beetlejuice!”

Boogie-Woogie Beetlejuice

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