Beetlejuice Kids’ Show

“It’s show-time!”

Many may not remember-it, but the old Beetlejuice cartoon on Saturday morning t.v. was a popular, surreal exercise in gross-out’s that, say– expanded the known reach of “The Netherworld” or the flip-side of reality where Lydia and Beetlejuice frolicked.

Loosely based on the movie, and dumbed-down, maybe–as it put Lydia and Beetlejuice into best friends, co-equals, or playmates in adventures perhaps not considered “part of the canon”, but surely expansive as they traveled down the ole’ rabbit-hole of grisly, Burton-produced madness and other “strange & unusual” ideas.

I remember Beetlejuice with his green teeth, coughing-up spittle and slime with his wild mane of rotted hair “like total vulgar freak-out” as it was a popular, nasty show for goofy preadolescence girls who could process the weirdness, the loopy plots.

My favorite, however– was “Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures” which was just as surreal and crazy, maybe more like something a young boy with a frenetic sense of concentration would appreciate. The two shows were probably more alike than different.

You can doubtlessly catch old Beetlejuice episodes on the internet. it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but worth checking-out some time but only if you have a strong stomach for the strange. So what’s that sound?– say it, again–

“Beetlejuice!”, “Beetlejuice!”, “Beetlejuice!”

Beetlejuice Kids’ Show

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