Hot Topic: Lydia & The Teeny-Boppers

A thought-experiment: If the basis of Lydia was turned into a Facebook/YouTube phenomenon, this is what it would look like.

Think, “Lydia re-imagined” as a kind of girl-school “tweeny-bopper” attending “Horror High” kind of like that old Archie comic-strip. Singing, dancing, and living the unconventional-life like the sort of teens you would see shopping at that mall-outlet, “Hot Topic”.

Black-light and pink neon and a lot of skulls with hair-bows like “The Munsters” meet “Minnie Mouse” as the fashion becomes commodified– and is a spin-off of the creepy, cold, and lonely as you would think Lydia wouldn’t use social-media, but then how you never know.

Maybe, a distant relative– but then, again– would you want “Beetlejuice” to spin-off, so Lydia turned into a domestic home-maker, or elementary school maven? It’s an idea, but Lydia always had “edge”– part of me would figure, that you use “the same character”, maybe a few years older in her ’20s– still into punk concerts and art and all those alternative-things.

The jury’s still-out, as I chip-away at my screenplay project as there are plenty of ideas on the table. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and I’m sure lots of people have ideas for what the movie could look like.

More speculative-experimentation on this side, as we’ll continue to bring you the best.

Hot Topic: Lydia & The Teeny-Boppers

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