The Nature of Indie Shoestring Budgets

Hey, ‘all.

I find myself, once more snickering-again at the Tim Burton biopic on movie maestro, Ed Wood and what it took to get his wretched little film-contraptions off of the ground. We know filmmaking is difficult, and not to cut the legs out from under anyone “who tries”, but yeah– the octopus literally had “no motor”. Reality tends not to cooperate and offers-up a kind of gummy, stubborn resistance as the clock is ticking, and as Johnny Depp said– “we have 20 more scenes to film tonight”.

I guess fillmmaking– like writing– is coming-up “with the shell of an illusion” and running with the narrative, piece by piece flickering so fast– you can’t see the artifice, in between. But how it gets to the stage, or the screen– perhaps, like a sausage factory– you don’t want to see it “get made”. You can practically shoot movies on smart-phones and take the money out of producing low-budget features. I will never beg for money– so this website remains commercial-free, or at least doesn’t have me holding-out the beggar’s bowl.

A penny for my thoughts, or yours– but I don’t have to think, much about budgets. I think of this micro-blog and how through a couple of tricks, stand-by’s, and fall-back’s the message can be presented. For instance, I take it “for granted”– how you can post graphics and videos for micro-pennies on the dollar. Somehow it all “punches-through”, on dead-line as more stuff is posted, everyday.

So what do you think– have you ever considered being a fillmmaker? Let Ed Wood’s example dissuade the half-hearted, as that water sure looks cold. Until next time, keep those hits, coming as life continues-on in St. Louis, MO.


The Nature of Indie Shoestring Budgets

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