Ancient Monsta-Rama Promo on Cinemax

A YouTube clip from some sleepy afternoon on cable television, back in what looks like the early 1990’s.

Programmers always had the burden of filing-up time and making it succulent with some sort of novelty, or other—be it a cigar-chomping movie producer lounging by a pool as a sidekick in a gorilla-suit flails, nearby.

Promos like this were always shot on video-tape and were dirt-cheap to film as you filtered the footage through some Hawaiian-looking titles and spliced-in some film-clips as there was once a world, where that could be YOUR JOB. Leonard Maltin, aside—the era of the television station, best broadcasting a wide survey of generality.

I once figured, that maybe “I could get a fluffy job like that”.

It was a slower-era when you consider the gaps in knowledge and the inefficacy of time related through commutes to work, before everyone connected by smart-phone or text-message.

And there’s Beetlejuice— lounging by a redneck kiddie-pool as he sips margaritas and soaks his feet, wearing a floppy fisherman’s cap and sunglasses, as I kid you not—these were the days of “Nintendo-summers” and catching low-rent syndicated t.v. as you’d watch the same video-tape over & over.

I must have seen Batman, taped-off-of-television, upwards to 70 times. Beetlejuice would play in an endless tape-loop. So easy. . . . . so lazy. . . . . so warm and tan, oily with sweat as those summer months seemed like they would never end.

You think of our resident bunco-man, maybe—driving around in a truck with a ladder on top, offering sell you “hot” cable for a bootlegger’s fee, the price of a wrench turned a couple of times like a side-business. He stands there, framed in the hot blow of the doorway as the telephone poles are set against the sky, the clouds gently rolling-past in the dusky humidness.

My Dad sends him on his way.

Lots of people were out of work, then and we inherited endless dead-time to dream on what would be.

A few years later, the internet would get big—and it was no longer the randomness of television, but searching-out content as fast and sure as the arrow hitting the mark as everyone became their own program manager, when you think of the advent of YouTube and all the clips you can watch.

And thankfully, you come right-by here to hear my stories, idle thoughts, and speculation as this is by far, about the most extensive blogging-platform, ever—on such a wise and voluminous topic. Frankly I’m amazed (– and you must be, too) that I can always dredge-up more material.

I’ve “got a million of them” and am working on some longer fan-fiction pieces you’ll see soon. Thanks for hanging-in and we’ll be back on the least Halloween of all holidays, Easter Sunday.

Ancient Monsta-Rama Promo on Cinemax

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