A Weird Stop-Motion Film. . . . .

Strange and unusual things are afoot in the netherworld.

Here’s a powerfully-weird, artsy stop-motion film from the 1920’s—something that carries cachet in the droop-lidded arts crowd as a cameo appearance even made-it into the film, Basquiat. And courtesy of a modern, moody alternative soundtrack—you get to revel in the odd, creepy vision that makes the stomach churn, nauseously with thoughts of mortality. Though the work of Tim Burton seems “a bit of a lighter-touch”, all early films like this prove to be an inspiration. With the filters, you don’t know if you’re eerily “underwater” in a kind of French/Turkish green-yellow gumdrop dream.

This piece “sits alone” with the fable of the frogs wishing for a king. . . . . and of course, this film is “creepy-enough” as is. For mature audiences only—though you might wonder if a stamp of this would make up eerie timeless “home-movies” of Beetlejuice through the aeons of strange ages. Like a grainy appearance at home in the swamp environs, warped and incredibly-twisted as he drifts down the nightmarish river and encounters giant hands with eyeballs, popped-out of the palms and giant tentacles with an eerie will of its own, boding the way to a watery grave as Beetlejuice is seized and eaten.

This is the sort of thing our local art museum here in St. Louis would exhibit in their auditorium—showings that bring out the far-out, art-crowd, gamboling-along merrily with sketchbooks for various activities. The pose would be described, as one of “the iconoclast” who crossed their arms and looks-on, with few words with a long-face like a bastion of self-reliance and personal vision.

It’s all very beautiful but “very cold”.

Lydia would come down here, some nights to check-out art-films in her black head-dress, escaping-off into rich worlds of creativity. How art is an escape, an excuse, and a lifestyle—as you hide amongst the plurality of visions and make a demonstration of showing “awe”.

Also, you would get the same effect watching reruns of the old “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” like breakfast cereal in the night as everything is a strange & unusual way to keep entertained. Thanks to YouTube and digital-media, the Lydia from the 1980’s would have no shortage of weird things to watch. Sometimes, even “enriching” as punk rock and art-house theater are usually entwined like sea-serpents and sacred trinkets. One of a kind, you know.

Blessed be the strange, the odd, the unusual. We’ll be back again, soon.

A Weird Stop-Motion Film. . . . .

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