Seasons in Purgatory. . . . .

It’s clip-time!

And in honor of April 15th’s TAX-DAY, we show you that sort of insurance-office of the after-life where justice and the fine rules of “spookology” is kept on the books. What else, but the waiting-room of the damned as existence is laid-down by all-consuming bureaucracy.

I could imagine, “Lord Grim Reaper” as a master bureaucrat served by lessors in the hierarchy of doom as he can’t do it all alone, and how many fine points of tax-law emerge. But the main point is to scare-away the living from finding out the secrets, as the twain were never meant to meet.

If you can imagine the galaxy as a space-opera horror-show of many strange dimensions and alien parallels to our own world, why even visiting the moons of Saturn where you’d be chased by a giant sand-worm, or take the form of other creepy creatures existing below in the subconscious of rot and blackest fears.

It’s apparently just as boring and miserable as its living counterpart. Merely “living death” or just purgatory over claims and tax-disputes as “anywhere, but here”. It never escapes the modern condition, so why would death be “any different”? Cross the breach, and find that you never really escape your problems. . . . . .

As evidenced by the best sight-gags of the movie, souls showing-up in a screwball-caricature of “how they died”. The “how” and “why” they’re held-up has probably a pedestrian answer as it does relate to the business of the after-life.

The rolling stone grows no moss, but you’ll be “dead, forgotten, buried, and gone” by the time you take a number– as the ticker rolls-up in the trillions.

Yes, all the trillions racked-up on my counter-meter, tracking the visitors to this site. Hope you enjoyed the recent “Midnight Madness” showing of Beetlejuice, down at our own Tivoli on the Delmar Loop. Quite a crowd gathered here, as you know the magic words–

“Beetlejuice!” “Beetlejuice!” “Beetlejuice!”

So turn on the juice, see what “breaks loose” as we’ll be back again, tomorrow.

Seasons in Purgatory. . . . .

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