Fan-Play with the Most!

Great impression!

So I’m not the only one, rehearsing old “Beetlejuice-lines” rapid-fire in my inner sanctum. Manic, frantic– I’ve watched those scenes so many times I’ve been got-down the correct inflection. It’s a great party-gag, if you can rip-out with that in front of an approving audience though I never did-it in a wig and pin-striped outfit, like this guy.

A simpler-way to get-by with a Beetlejuice costume is an old coat and dirty shirt, maybe a cap to make you look like an edgy Riverboat Captain down the haunted fast-ways of bullshit. White face-paint, and don’t forget those morbid black circles beneath your eyes, as the whites of your pupils will seem to fleck, faster with the contrast.

Show-up at Mardi Gras bars, or even crash your kid brother’s graduation ceremony as you offer quite, the electrified disturbance as there’s no mistaking “who that is”. Bonus points, if you can find a serviceable “Lydia” companion and make a scene, together for a home YouTube video– and once you get the characters, “down” you can improvise your own merry dialogue and be the life of any gathering.

Beetlejuice is hyper and sloppy, as I would drink a lot of caffeine and knock back a couple of beers for maximum “swamp-man” impersonation value though don’t discount the option of illegal-drugs for that particularly “rapid-fire”, shuffling-gait.

We enjoy fan costumes, anything to keep the dream alive– as I’ve seen pictures of Elvira: “Mistress of the Dark” hanging-out with cos-play Beetlejuice-fans as the ole’ trailer-park aesthetic, complete with the hair shawl, cigarette, and bow-lipped sunglasses looks great with the hanging-pair of dice, like real “hell on wheels”.

Good, clean fun. . . . . though I’d see descendants of the trope fighting like a bag of wild-cats on the set of the old Jenny Jones show as the audience pumped its fist and its guests spit and fought, flung insults, and rolled over the floor, their profanity “bleep’ed!” out.

It takes many to make a world and you’re welcome to the “WordPress blog of the Recently-Deceased” Thanks for visiting, and we’ll return soon.

Fan-Play with the Most!

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