Siouxsie and the Banshees Club-Nite

If you had a downtown area getting rehabbed and revitalized, much like our own Central West End it would be host to a lot of clubs and small businesses. I was thinking that Lydia Deetz might be a fixture on the local club-scene, kind of an announcer or impressio who would take to the stage, make announcements, or otherwise lip-sync and perform.

Just some impressions as this scene from a 1980’s thriller captures-it, perfectly. The movie was called “Out of Bounds” and it something, “watchable-enough” as it took a while for media to consolidate into roughly– the offerings we have today.

Can “goth” survive in the hyper-modern age of communications, or do you need a cold, lonely space to freeze-out the intrusions of “the normal”? Fashions come and go, and the singer here looks like a refugee from a galactic space-dungeon planet as to each, their own I guess as the performance really stood-out in my mind, weaving & bobbing around the stage on a spider-silk rope, brandishing a cane like someone edgy.

Someone “from the natural vicinity” of Lydia, as I presume she’d listen to music like “Baus-Haus” and “The Cure”. I don’t think anyone actually “ever asked” what Lydia would have on her play-list, but I presume it would be quirky, dark, and retro– from the era of vinyl as we appreciate “the strange & unusual”.

More speculation, coming tomorrow. You’ve been a wonderful crowd and “a major piece” is on the way. You’ll have to come back and see, as we’ll catch you soon.

Siouxsie and the Banshees Club-Nite

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