Riff-Raff Manifesto

What would you call, us– as I know a little about “the riff-raff condition”.

It’s who you see at “Big Lots”, or “The Dollar Tree”– or other discount stores where the asphalt blazes over a shimmering-haze, your clothes are too hot, your shins ache, and you’re munching from a bag of high-starch cookies. I guess you could call it “up-front” and personal with all the grime, friction, inefficiency, and waste that makes-up county living and living low on the hog– or sort of marginal thrift-store level.

We’re not “society people” or even practice our swings at the ole’ country-club or make-up what is considered sophisticated and “socially-acceptable”. We’re not “stupid”, but maybe fell in-between the cracks– or never felt motivated to jump through all the hoops of presumed mobility– “going through the motions”, joining the right clubs, or saying the right-words as it always seemed that “climbing-out” was mostly out of the question.

Call us “the peasantry”.

We keep ourselves, entertained as novelty lightens-up our day, or the fact that folks pay a bit of attention in this mostly un-enriched milieu of common household command. If for this, or for that– “too little” or “too late” as life is full of rituals, marriages, unexpected pregnancies, and a ratty couch to sit-on at the end of the day.

You’d have to live-it to know-it.

We’re mostly “voiceless” or without much “directional-tack” as life is penny-thrift and full of those golden-moments, you can only appreciate like a backyard bbq and pitcher of lemonade, hoarding over our old VHS treasures.. We’re given-away by button-down shirts and sweat-pants, even in summer-time. Maybe, hauling about six cases of off-brand diet-cola in the truck where it’s not a lifestyle of beautification, but “hanging-on”.

In other words, you probably can’t be terribly rich or privileged to come-up with more ideas for Beetlejuice. You need “to live a little”, or feel that soak of a kind of marinating late-afternoon when idleness pivots with belated bus schedules and otherwise “cooling your heels” as you observe your surroundings.

You pick-up on things– the finer subtleties that makes-up the working American experience. Technology like flat-screen t.v.’s and smart-phones drop in price and trickle-down to the bargain level, so much so– it becomes almost, universal. I’m grateful to live in an era of lightning communications-technology where anyone can have a blog and a following.

Initiative and pennies-on-the publishing platform as we share our thoughts and become part of an online community, “giving meaning” to all this anonymous cyber-noise of so much news, commercials, and random opinion.

You’ve been a great audience and more fine content is on the way. Pleased to meet you all, as we certainly cross into the territory of some wild-tangents– to all things related to “Beetlejuice”. Still going strong, and we’ll be back soon.

Riff-Raff Manifesto

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