Ghost Hunt at the Cemetery-Gates

In this video, an amateur ghost-hunting society stands-out in the darkened graveyard as they stand in a huddle and are run-off by the yipping of coyotes as the event is caught-on-film through night-vision goggles.

Looking for ghosts, huh?

I could see Beetlejuice out of nowhere come right-up to the group and go into a sales-pitch as his tangled hair flies through the dark, captured on tape in his striped leisure suit and scattering the meeting as he jumps through the dark and flails his arms.

Perhaps “the unknown” lives around us, but is generally unseen because most people ignore “the strange & unusual”. We’re always moving through clouds of energized molecules so “more meets the eye” even as much of this phenomena is invisible.

How would you track a ghost? A lot of people look for electrical charges in the air, like a ghost “glows” like a lamp and takes-on a vague, murky outline of an apparition. If you saw a ghost, you could probably walk right through it.

But for the average haunted derelict like Beetlejuice, he’d just crawl-forward and hunger after his own needs as ghosts can be a lot of things– cast-aside legends, or maybe just those “whom fall beneath the cracks” and exist in their own peripheral ecosystem– like invisible, parallel worlds.

Of course, there’s an idea that a ghost you’d see is just kind of a muddled, “psychic blob” like a kind of gunk that takes form on levels that we don’t understand, as it’s like talking to a plastic-bag fluttered-up against your window. Of course, that’s what it might be, “anyway”.

However, the jury is still-out. Once, it was said that you never lost money pushing romance novels or biographies of Abraham Lincoln– as matters regrading spirits, angels, and demons are also consistent sellers. Maybe the truth on this is both fantastic and underwhelming at once– like IRS waiting-offices and barges down the river of the dead.

Keep a healthy sense of the fun, and I’d love to hear anyone’s theories on “what’s out there”.

Ghost Hunt at the Cemetery-Gates

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