A Strange Case of Possession. . . . .

We’re back–

Full of ghostly and superstitious tangents, as ever– related to anything and everything “Beetlejuice” as we plumb through the web to bring you the best.

Take it for granted, but POSSESSION is simply “a given” in ole’ Mr. Beetlejuice’s bag of tricks. “Throw your voice, fool your friends, lots of fun at parties” as the gag went in the movies– out on what amounted to the haunted car-lot under the sheer black of sky as The Maitlin’s were in the model– like a surreal sound-stage of rolling, foam-hills and grody old trees as they arrived in Beetlejuice’s back-yard, otherwise “sleazing his way around their cemetery”.

Actually, “The Exorcist” book and film was based around an incident that took place in our very own St. Louis in about 1949 at the ole’ “Alextion Brothers hosptial except the victim was actually a little boy– and they did call in a priest to deal with this most disturbing occurrence.

Whether demonic spirits get caught in living matter, or even the inner workings of a computer– you couldn’t be sure. If there was a way to cast demons through say, “Photoshop”– as you manipulate an image using “mathematical spells” like staring into a cauldron or a deep mirror, causing evil images to appear on your screen. To mix technology with demonology– I’ve had some weird late-nights when I wasn’t quite sure what I stumbled onto.

The secret of magic and “banishing” is maybe guilty of what it known as “the confirmation-bias” or otherwise agreeing with the result you wanted, “anyway”– not too far from “the placebo-effect” when essentially, if your determined to do well or get better “and make-up your mind to do so”– well, sir– you’ll probably improve.

It’s a strange realm of “will” when we’re motivated to do something, or not– as I can’t say if this lady in the video “is crazy” and is otherwise having a nasty psychotic episode. But bringing in a Catholic priest with the gold and rubies, through designated “ritual” may make all the difference in “psychodrama” or carrying-out subliminal wishes through the creative, muttering act that we’d simply call “demonic possession”.

I’m tempted to make evil “mother-in-law” jokes as maybe I saw that lady rummaging for oat-bread at the day-old bread-store. I won’t fight her for the raisin-swirl loaf.

What do you think– have you seen anything “haunting”? Do you belief in possession? Is the human psyche “like a radio” that picks-up strange, otherworldly-channels? Food for thought, as we’ll join you next time. Thanks for visiting.

A Strange Case of Possession. . . . .

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