Winona in “Heathers”

Winona Ryder’s most notable movie– the one brought up in conversation nearly every time she’s mentioned– is “Heathers”.

So bad it’s “cult”, so “cult”– it’s interesting and worth another view. You’d think so, as the trailer reflects well on the writer and director as it’s either brilliant or totally incompetent one you sit down to see it, to find-out what all the fuss was about.

It’s a grim movie– what they call “a black comedy” made to be deliberately verbose and disturbing. Sometimes it’s hard to pick-up on the dialogue, rushing along with lots of complex bits of information; how you’d have to screen it over & over to pick-up on what makes it twisted and great, “in an odd way”.

It’s different for a high school film– as parts seem a little more real to life, almost like an alternative exercise for the gaps that happen between formal conversation– as it was revolutionary for 1988/1989. Not your standard John Hughes vehicle or remotely anything like it.

Sort of one of those movies “you just have on” in the background, almost like running “A Clockwork Orange” at a party like a kind of projection-effect as kids wander in and out of the room. Basically Winona You can’t really “sit through it”– and it’s tough in one sitting but otherwise grows on you as you pick-up on more with each viewing.

Probably, mostly of interest to Winona fans.

She’s bug-eyed and adorable– like a kind of sarcastic “Bugs Bunny” in a blue high school outfit as everything is a conduit for disgust or a surprised-expression. Truly a cult-movie with a cult-actress; though of course we remember her more for Beetlejuice as she remained one to watch.

Heathers is not for everybody, so keep-it light kids. Know what “you’re getting into” with that one. Until next time, may your dreams blaze bright on the ole’ silver-screen “and don’t you go changin, now”.

Winona in “Heathers”

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