Hobo Jungle

homeless-cart   ectasy

An article, here about homeless tent-cities set-up along the industrial side of downtown St. Louis:


Something tells me you’d find “a bit of Beetlejuice” out there, having a cook-out with a can of beans over a fire. Or other odd characters– and truly, we tend to ignore the strange & unusual as you’ll find cases of eccentricity or mental illness, swigging over a bottle of cheap fruit-wine and generally making boisterous noise.

Perhaps, Beetlejuice is “itinerant” or makes his home, “where he will” like a hobo “riding-the-rails” and setting-up camp with the insane and down-and-out. Always, a scheme running and a hang-dawg excuse as he out-turns his empty pockets and begs for a dollar– for “bus-fare”. Taking along his trusty stolen shopping-cart and trailed at the heels by his old, blind, black pet-poodle with a large scrotum, swinging gruesomely.

Have a bit of “the hair of the dog” that bit ‘ya as the beast swings his snout around like a hip character as Beetlejuice begs on the street-corner when he makes it into the city. Out there amid the dry yellow grass and dead weeds with a scattering of beer-cans and plastic bags, sitting there hunched with is arms wrapped-around his knees as a barge toots-by.

Inherit the wind, down here at the ole’ hobo-jungle with bare-feet and the whiff of body odor as economic  times haven’t been good, for your ‘ole wild-haired bio-exorcist, like a wraith risen from the soggy flood-plains as “this city is dead”, as some have described.

Prime for “economic redevelopment” as we should shoot a film here. Lots of earthy locations and cheap rent. I call it home, writing in front of a lap-top and dreaming about it. What do you think? Where should the next Beetlejuice movie be shot? Anywhere but “Toronto, Canada” as this area has local flavor and rusted-out industrial towers.

You’ll know it if you lived here, what I’m talkin’ about. And jotting-down more interesting ideas as they come to me. You’re a great audience and this blog keeps me focused. Until next time– same place.

Hobo Jungle

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