Beetle-Biker Bottle Brawl

Biker warfare! Sit through the first few minutes of this YouTube video.


To speak of current events:


Hey, kidz–

We wouldn’t see Beetlejuice is “exactly” a biker– but certainly the idea of rough n’ tough white people plays a bit into the character and his universe.

Usually, out of a run-down area of “Dollar Stores” and discount groceries you don’t find too much in the way of impressive man-power. Lots of flaccid, flabby muscles pickled with alcohol like sleeveless tattoos and low-rent snack-cakes as they point to their cigarettes.

But there are clusters of tough guys, somewhere– warming their hands by trash-fires as their bikes lean-up against alleyways between brick buildings. Lots of paint-cans and rubble, as you’d otherwise see Beetlejuice pulling-up on a foot-propelled scooter in his pin-striped suit, looking ragged yet singularly “out-of-place”.

Maybe he’s a courier who hangs-out on the edge of all of this activity, like a message-boy or the guy who delivers sandwiches by bicycle. See his yellowed-hair and pale, skinny forearms as he nestles down and takes a swig from the bottle.

Just a neighborhood od riff-raff and rougher elements, hanging-out by the CB radio and old run-down video-games like bandanas, booze, and slitted eyes with hard lines and sunken cheeks with a hairy, wolfen stare as the houses stand like cheap shanty-downs, about to be blown-away in the wind and lowly social security retirement checks.

Most of the time, nothing happens– but hanging on that ragged wind-edge of seedy potential like a grimy carnival of sins. Sounds like home. . . . .

Beetle-Biker Bottle Brawl

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