Congratulations to Winona’s Netflix Bonanza!

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She’s hot, she’s happenin’, she’s making a comeback with a new Netflix original series coming to the internet in 2016! A supernatural-themed genre show with elements of science-fiction and military “mad science”– what better outlet for the actress we know as Lydia Deetz from our very own supernatural fun-house?

Winona can laugh, how she was cast perpetually as teenagers and young people in her stardom-spanning career, but now– gets to play a mother in a vanished-child case that apparently happens sometime back in the 1980’s.

Perhaps an off-shoot of the Reagan SDI program, or “Star Wars”?

Who can guess what the military’s scientific initiatives might be– holograms and sub-channel communications and chaos theory– as you could imagine a window into “the other side” opening-up where the living and “dead next door” frolic in the twilight zone between science and madness where all sorts of strange, horrific entities duck-in.

The best work of Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft would show you a kind of universe filled with huge, monstrous creatures moving around in the indifferent murk of sleepy aeons in an ecosystem of minnows and beast-worshippers unto the grotesque, propulsive force of a vastly-cruel and unknowable universe.

Who knows what our protagonists will encounter in this new series? Since the age of advanced computer-effects, I’m bracing for anything that could actually be possible and brought to our screens.

I’m very excited and happy for Winona. Stay tuned, and we’ll hear more soon.

Congratulations to Winona’s Netflix Bonanza!

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