Unto Gothic Temptation, “THE DANCE”

Greetings, all. I wanted to show you a clip that features an actress that looks a little bit like Lydia from Beetlejuice, only this one is a bit more of a magical-fantasy motif where you figure, the character could show-up “in another world” unto the heart of fan fiction.

Actually, this was the movie “Legend” from the mid ’80s and you’re looking at the actress who played the girlfriend in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. Start late, or in the middle of the film like “a non sequitur” and at least it’s something to watch, no less– when you don’t know what’s going-on yet find yourself drawn-in to the experience. What I’ll say about “Legend” was that the movie had a very beautiful, distinguished look but had lots of scrabbling-around elves and goblins faeries that would make you wonder, “why you were watching this”.

Visually arresting, this was a movie done by Ridley Scott– who also directed “Alien” and “Blade Runner” as he is a technically-proficient director who has a knack for making extravagant “cult-films” that wind-up, sometimes– on sleepy afternoons on cable television. Everything was storyboarded and thought-out, well in an advance as the imagery stays with you and gives the outing an element of greatness.

In this scene, the princess encounters “a shadow” or waltzing spirit of temptation, itself in this foul throne-room of gold and splendor as if her soul will be seduced by the prince of darkness in this gloomy, towering, twisted fortress of nefarious-plans. Lost in the flung, kicked-heels of desperation and oblivion, she dances and becomes one with the spirit as soon she shall fall into the embrace of the great beast unto a marriage of mythic symbolism and the death of all light.

Heavy enough for you?

Actually, this film inspired some of the basic ideas in the original “Legend of Zelda” game for the Nintendo Entertainment System with quests and fairy-maidens to be saved in mythic underworlds– and you wonder if Lydia, herself was a fantasy-reader as someone with an interest in magic and the occult. No copyright infringement intended, but there are some great visual ideas here that could work its way into a story.

No hints, give-a-ways, or spoilers– but the author here “bides his time” between posts on this blog and we always strive to bring you the most interesting subjects, if even– tangentially, REMOTELY related to Beetlejuice and how we’ll be back, soon.

More fan-fiction is in the works and I’m sure you will enjoy “what’s up my sleeve” and how “it’s more than meets the eye” as I always like to leave my readers pleasantly surprised. That’s all for now, and stay tuned for more stuff. Adios!

Unto Gothic Temptation, “THE DANCE”

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