The Power of Magickal Suggestion

beetlejuice_XL     wand

Greetings, “K-Mart Shoppers”. . . . .

Is there such a thing as magic? Well “yes” and “no”– that’s magic, if qualified with a bit of explanation. Of course, Beetlejuice himself befouls things with his presence. A homeless spirit, a vagrant spirit, the empty can rattles, a-most as he jams-up the work and makes a nuisance of himself.

So Beetlejuice will have to rely on his spirit of salesmanship and charisma to otherwise make it around those cold, empty universe where nothing is certain– except for the vultures and scavengers and empty candy-wrappers fluttering around the parking-lot

So call it the power of influence, or personal suggestion– as that’s all it’s really about. Modern science and physics tell us that the world is made-up of particles and waves, so it’s less likely that “a hidden substance” or “sub-channel” moves things– unless it’s a part of particles and waves and psychic frequencies that we don’t quite understand.

So what is magic? Say, the ability to attract and repel.

Beyond “pulling a rabbit out of a hat” and the tricks of stage magic, real magic here– or “Magick” as its called, is about transported psychological states of positive self-affirmation “and pretend”– how it takes on a life of its own as we harness “pretend beings” and actually incorporate their energy into ourselves, through ritual and triggering catch-stops in what’s known as the universal subconscious.

Now, you can’t violate the laws of physics but attitude is everything– how you can alter yourself, or influence others to change if you know “what kind of spin” to add to a relationship. Where’s “there’s nothing” emerges “something” as our we revel in our creative-powers and then “subtly-affect” the other side. This won’t work if you’re permanently shut-in a sealed concrete room, yet “through transference” or putting a bit of yourself into the mix of personal interaction, you have a way of influencing others and having things work in the direction to where you wanted to go, if you project your ideas right.

For all of your magical needs, we pilot you into the world of enchantment, by which through positive self-talk and whacky-ritual we coach ourselves into “the golden mean” or zone by which things start happening in accordance to our wishes. Say, if you were thrown in a cage with a lion– and you resolved, to oneself to survive– you’d yell at the beast so fiercely, you’d drive-it away. By that act of will and self-talk, moving forward confidently– you literally influenced and changed the course of being eaten-up.

And there are deeper questions, how that fits into “the quantum-flux” of free will so we’re not just like billiard balls knocked-around a table, merely “responding” to pre-determined knocks and jostles, unless you can ask “what pushed that first cause” to send things into motion. Rhythms of rain, or silence or pause– weighed against instinct and desire, as we’re primed to respond to universal symbols between the great thundering membrane of birth, life, and death. Aggression, withdrawal– will & mass.

Maned hair and toothy loss, as Beetlejuice hits you up for bus-fare.

“Goin’ my way?”

Whack him over the head with the wand, so it snaps. He has as much chance with you as “a snowball in hell”. That’s not magic, that’s reality. . . . .

The Power of Magickal Suggestion

2 thoughts on “The Power of Magickal Suggestion

  1. Glad you got a kick out of it. By the power of the e-mailed sigil you are commanded to alert others to its presence, hereby “the writ”– The Call of Ktulu.


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