“Top of the Heap”

Hello, fellow-travelers in the dingy, grainy world of home-video.

I always wanted to grow-up to be like this guy. Guess my dream came true.

Watch this video and see what’s it like for “subsisting on the top of the blogosphere” and may someone drive a motorcycle into the pool f the wild Harley debauchery. Spaghetti orange-neon signs, leather chaps, and raw club-power as I’d definitely hang-out in those places, if those places “still existed”.

This is from “The Decline of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years” which ran like an infomercial for the lifestyle on old MTV and filled-up the time.

As I see it, blogging equals “guitar solos” as we find Chris Holmes, lying back in resplendent filth in his backyard pool and gold-record accomplishment. Surely, a denizen somewhere in the world of Beetlejuice as the begogged, frightful expression of the mother is priceless.

Hey, novelty beneath the 1980’s stars as convenience spilled-out like so many rolling bowls of golden popcorn you prepared in the microwave as the country became one big leisure-pit suburb “after working-hours”. So much for the internet, as it came-down to the VHS tape in your hand.

You can see the relative unsophistication of the market and telecine fuzz of so many bad transfers and worn-down tape, as that’s the essence of a Beetlejuice movie-rental hut. For the longest time, this movie was only available on bootlegged VHS copies like heaps of grungy flea-market entertainment.

Also, an article about Penelope Spheeris’s punk and metal documentaries:

“Top of the Heap”

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