Exasperated Glee: “The Rock Rolls Forever, On”.

winona_arms_crossed.   stamp_of_my_ways

The jumble-jangled clown-house continues– as I’m sure that so much thought has never been put into the likes of “Beetlejuice” as Winona, here just rolls her sweet eyes like the hilarity of collapsed abandon when something becomes more exasperating.

Call it “that sweet spot” like hitting the funny-phone over and over. I’ve seen girls in math class get giggly as they retreat inside of themselves and play fawningly and childishly with decadence on display as they’re told “to muster-up” and get it together.

Of course, everything takes work– and you see-it, when someone is not particularly interested in a subject but yet is trapped in the same place.

For be it from Winona to be typecast, or the whole world to revolve around a clunky horror/comedy that was released all the way back from 1988– but I promise a good story that she’ll find uplifting. Hey, it’s comedy– “not rocket-science” and work still continues.

First-off, you have to be a writer. That’s a given. Secondly, you have to be sure to type-it-up in the right format that’s simply, “industry-standard”. Many are called “but few are chosen”, and even fewer “follow-through” as you must be a kind of masochist to really take it all the way.

The contraption will fly, by gum. And you all will continue to stick with me as I jot out amusing things, from time-to-time. Hey, if it was easy– EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING-IT.

From mastering the rudimentary steps of “WordPress”, it’s been a long journey. Indeed, “what will he come-up, with next”? I’m never out of surprises, so until then– keep hip and glibly amused as we keep coming back, to everyone’s surprise.

Next time, the world! Have a great weekend.

Exasperated Glee: “The Rock Rolls Forever, On”.

3 thoughts on “Exasperated Glee: “The Rock Rolls Forever, On”.

    1. Oh yeah. . . . . Gotta stretch my material out so I never run out of things to say. There has never been so much copy expended on a very unique and specialized subject. Persistance may pay off some day with a ghost of a chance at the minor big-time. Thanks for dropping by.

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