Beetlejuice’s Rockin’ Graveyard Revue

You know it, you had to see it– the Beetlejuice and otherwise monster-themed rock n’ roll dance show down at the theater grounds yonder south, at Universal Studios, Florida.

But wait– wasn’t Beetlejuice a Geffen Pictures/Warner Bros.propetry?

Well, mix up the old Geffen Records collection with the collosus of Sony-Universal and you get– MORE MUSIC!

This place reminds me of my own “Six Flags, St. Louis” where the predominating theme is Loony Tunes tie-in’s through a deal with Warner Bros. Let the fat cats have the Disney parks, but we take what we can get around these parts.

So take a creative property, and reduce-it down to its essence and oftentimes you have a sort of glee-club pep-rally with well-known Universal monsters from the old films, a common denominator of rockin’ hits and horror jokes to bring you Beetlejuice as toast-master to a party loud enough “to wake the dead” or at least keep the audience cheering.

I never thought of Beetlejuice living in a kind of haunted neighborhood with a community of monsters, but clearly here he steals the show and is a wild-man on the laser-light dance-floor, fog wreathing-out over the stage as everyone takes their place.

It’s a gig for talented but out-of-work dancers and special-effects people as a kind of working sandwich-bag economy out on the midway and in-park restaurant chains as it’s definitely work, to see them sweat and hustle.

Maybe eight shows a day and shifts of dancers and Beetlejuice imperonators as you could do as well in a dinner theater restaurant, surreal costumes and broadly-drawn personalities from the arts and entertainment crowd– and whatever they say, I’m never bored.

It takes a lot to bring those shows to life, in the hard penny-grind of everyday cart-pushing and for the value of a dollar, I’ll be happy to sit in the air-conditioned theater seats and just kick back.

Life is a wild-tangle of common, brutal necessities and I enjoy the shows when I can see them. On your next vacation for the recently-deceased, be sure to take care of yourselves this summer.

Until next time, keep sharp and mildly amused.



Beetlejuice’s Rockin’ Graveyard Revue

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