Beetlejuice House Specialty



This just in:

Field Report from NYC–

Apparently in bars you can order a drink called “The Beetlejuice” which sounds like the worse 8$ gross-out ever– and we’re not even talking about movie tickets!

Apparently, it’s a mossy concoction made out of rum, eggs, pepper and pickle-juice with a dash of tomato juice to make a lurid green impression or at least “get it on a dare from your friends” as I’ll just stick with “a rum and Coke”, thank you.

To see Beetlejuice swigging from a bottle in the nightime laden wastelands of unincorporated Missouri. Dogs bark, and he wraps a trucking chain around a whiskey still to drag it away as a prank on his hillbilly friends.

I’m not saying that “moonshine whiskey” would taste all the much appetizing than the Beetlejuice drink– but if you ever needed anything to put hair on your chest and blurred-vision, come on down to the Beetlejuice bar where they’ll carry you out on a slab at daybreak.

Ha! You’ve been warned.

Incidentally, our own local alternative paper “The Riverfront Times” has released a jokey article talking about the 10 sort of drunks you’ll see around St. Louis as a salute to regional pride. You’ll laugh– you’ll cry– you’ll hurl.

Here’s the link to the article:


Beetlejuice House Specialty

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