The Sun King Interview Response



Hey, all–

I’m honored here to have been nominated for a very great distinction– that which combines a chain-letter with a prime opportunity to share who we are across the WordPress micro-blogging sphere.

The last post, or a recycled-link to “The Sunshine Blogging Awards” must have looked very distinctive in your Facebook/Wordpress in-box with Beetlejuice sleazing on as always, like caught on the uptake of chuck-a-bug hyperreality as this post now, explains a little more.

First off, hats off to Sheila Renee Parker as the wonderful ghost-woman and supernatural impression-writer for picking me, amongst others to answer this series of interview questions. Basically, you distribute this plan to as many people you can think-of, who in turn answer five questions and then pose another five questions to anyone and everyone they can think of.

Pardon me on my side of technical limitation– and if you’ve been following the last couple of blog posts you’d realize that my laptop is currently out of commision and for now I’m “winging-it” through my rigged-up keyboard playing through my Android smart-phone interface.

Like Beetlejuice himself, it’s a cobbled-together venture that I’m proud of– but unto piecemeal-junk and technical inconvenience, I can’t exactly copy and paste names of some nifty bloggers who come to mind. But you know who you are if I follow you and you follow me. This is truly a neat project to drum-up the ole’ writing-bug and I’ll participate here, the best I can.

So without further fanfare– here are the questions submitted to me by Sheila.

1) What inspires you to be the person you see everyday in the mirror?

Well, I’d have to say that I was always one who had a hobby– a kind of knack for intricate planning “and doing-it my own way” like the wonder of a set-up dominoe run– with an affinity for schedules and lists. That way, stuff actually gets done and I have something to show for myself. It’s the best “high” you can ever have when a long string of hours goes perfectly. Time is short after-all and you got to keep moving when you have big plans.

2) What are some of your favoirte things to do?

I kid you not– sometimes my favoirte thing to do– when I can get away with it– is a comparative litany of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING or just some free time to click-around, browse through the interface, and just “waste time” exploring as we all need time “for play”. Otherwise, my hours are spent reading, studying, writing, and preparing to shoot my own short films someday which requires a bunch of research, definitely. And keeping-up this blog is immensely satisfying, also.

3) What do you do to wind-down at the end of the day?

Shameful guilty-pleasure, but when I can I like to run an old Nintendo emulator on my laptop and play my favorite childhood games on a rigged-up controller. Staples like “Super Mario 3” and old action games as I never had the time or inclination (– or even the money) to keep-up with the new systems. Which is better– as I also like to have time to read. Lots of non-fiction and an informative cast of books, as I like to know “how things work and why”. Also a good bout of fiction will teach you, yourself how to be a better, more fluent writer. It’s a whole world out there. . . . .

4) What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Like making movies, you shoot-it “not to make money” (– though that part of it is certainly nice) but for it TO BESEEN as you attract quite a gang of followers who dig what you’re in to, as the self-promotional aspect of this blog takes on “a life of its own” and exceedes the orginal huckstering purpose. I’ve covered more ground on Beetlejuice-related topics than most anybody has a right to, and it’s amazing to keep coming-up with more material, more angles. And how you, the readers keep coming back.

5) Any words of wisdom you’d like to share with the world?

Well, I’ll tell you– it’s brave so start-up a blog “out of nothing” and keeping persistent, with posting– as it takes a while to gather any sort of following and how you have to make blogging as much a part of your routine as getting anything done around the house. It’s YOUR JOB and that workman-like attitude will all but insure that you’ll follow-through with the task until the very end. . . . . so keep going, out there AND DON’T GIVE-UP!

Well, that concludes the interview questions posed to me– next, it’s my turn to come-up with some questions I’m sure you’ll like to answer and keep this chain of “call-and-response” going.

1) What brings you to the world of micro-blogging?

2) Are you a morning person or a night-owl?

3) Do you believe in the supernatural?

4) What’s your favorite handful of movies, and why?

5) Have you ever considered being a filmmaker?

Again, those who read this– YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I’d be interested in seeing the responses you’ll come-up with, just to get the ole’ creative-juices flowing.

So let’s “turn on the juice” and see what shakes loose as this has been a post of Beetlejuice 2 fan-fiction and we thank you heartily.

TO THE TYPE-PAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sun King Interview Response

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