Hulkamania Rewind

Saddened by the plug pulled on Hulk Hogan, as comments bedevil him like the hobgoblin of the meat-headed, only secretly-recorded unto marginalization, if this guy wasn’t trashy enough but nostaligically beloved.

This video is from a surreal scene that orginally appeared in the theatrical release of Gremlins 2– as if the little beasties have completely taken-over and sabotaged the theater projection-room. Funny little joke, there– as Hulk Hogan in the audience rises to his feet, calls for order– and yet plugs for soda and popcorn like a funny in-joke.

Gremlins are a Warner Bros property and it would be fun to reference them or even bring them back, a bit in the Beetlejuice sequel. Say, the demons of the universe out by a galactic hot-tub on the moon as they recline back in lawn-chairs and cackle madly while Beetlejuice does a stand-up commercial for his cut-rate reincarnation service as you could see this in the vincinity of Hulk Hogan land like poor-man’s backyard bbq’s.

I was thinking, that the movie could sometimes go off on surreal little interludes to otherwise break-up the action. Like a quiz show or other “breaks” or narrator’s excursions to make this as wild and screwball a movie as possible.

Which reminds me– in the Gremlins 2 video-release, the Hulk Hogan scene was changed and instead it was a VHS-themed sequence when Gremlins starting screwing-up the t.v. and otherwise visiting old Warner Bros. properties such as John Wayne and Bugs Bunny footage as a delightful excursion.

Lots of funny things you can do in an effects & editing booth. Hope things calm down and return to relative normal for Hulk Hogan as the best way is to remember the fond things and know this will probably blow-over sooner than not.

Will be back soon with more Beetlejuice-themed material. Don’t you co changin’.

Hulkamania Rewind

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