Rock n’ Slurpee Attitude

Hey, anyone a fan of Poison?

This is their 1990 MTV Unplugged concert and the biker, bandanna, and trucker-tropes seems like a party, one jacuzzi over from the ole’ Beetlejuice ranch. Just imagine cycles painted with orange, neon flames and some sort of jumbo cherry Slushee drink from 7-Eleven as it’s a heavy metal parking lot and tons of fun. Gleefully trashy and shamelessly popular– like if you ever bought a Big Gulp cup with Bart Simpson on it.

That takes me back, when television’s were big and boxy and the whole world seemed to be just the promotion on a side of a commemrotive fast food glasses and cups, there in the public arena of pumping quarters into video games and otherwise chewing bubble gum.

Lydia Deetz struck me more as a punk-rock goth, but if you diluted the form strictest to character– you would also see her at a Poison concert because a good song is always a good song. Goofy rock memorialla and bubblegum pop, but Poison and other hair-metal bands keep going so you’ll be rockin’ like it’s 1988. It was an interesting time when hard-workin’, hard-playin’ working class culture got by on bandannas and scarves wrapped around microphone-stands, one big happy jumble that brought a lot of people together.

Beetlejuice himself I figure would like a bit of country music or hair metal or whatever was convenient “when he was trying to make a sale” and seem like “a happy somebody” tapping you on the shoulder by dint of slick circumstance, always looking for an angle.

I’m sure he’s always “about 20 years behind the times” and would still be dealing in junky old cassette tapes in the heaps and mountains of refuse and bad leisure-shoes. But hey, even the bottom stratta begins to get more technically sophisticated– as I’m sure he’s graduated to a cell-phone.

Just see him playing guitar, plunking-away on an old, beat-up amplifier like peeled-back fabric taped-over with cereal boxes and shrieking feedback as the dog puts its paws over its ears. You’ll see all sorts of mayehm out in an apartment complex, shirtless ruffians skipping around a string of firecrackers and drinking beer. The possibilities are limitless as we’ll see Beetlejuice in that complex, some time— off there in his off-hours.

We’ll explore that in another post– as my movie will have lots of Beetlejuice and the return of Lydia, in her full pop-punk glory as Winona Ryder is youthful and ageless. Is it a stretch to figure that we all would still be doing what we’re doing?

Lydia would never sell-out or settle-down as she was always one of my heroes and ideal personal confidants. Everyone goes into 7-Eleven and I’d see her buying Twizzlers and langouring around the coffee nozzles like one bright goth-chick. Beetlejuice would run the cash machine or otherwise “kill empty time”.

It’s all out there on old UHF frequencies, somewhere as I bring my world to yours. We’ll be back soon– for more stories and fan-speculation on the ole’ Beetlejuice franchise. Coming to a sequel-grinder, near you. Thanks.

Rock n’ Slurpee Attitude

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