Slacking with Coffee Fiends


I, as a child of the 90’s infuse my own take “on what’s cool” as Lydia was a goth, to be sure– and somewhat of a proto-hipster when you think of the stereotype, of late. They were called slackers as sort of artists and skate-rats affecting a strung-out, world-weary air of casual indifference, apathy, and disdain. You couldn’t beat ’em, nor could you join’em, as the more mellow they were, with that “it” factor– the more elusive it all seemed.

I guess they had a way of driving people up the wall because they could affect a finicky distaste and forever remain “on the fence”. You couldn’t sell them on products or ideology as they stayed aloof and so uninvolved. It wasn’t boredom, exactly– but a disdain for activity that took more involvement than just sitting there like a void you could never fill.

The more indifferent, the more desperate you were– as they affected a learned, street-wise posture that soon made everything look ridiculous.

Some of these kids would be Lydia’s friends, probably– philosophers, artists, and bullshitter’s working on community radio or some sort of local access video-project as I could see prime St. Louis locations– skate-parks, cafes, and fountains where they hang-out and make a non-conforming nuisance out of themselves.

They would fill-out Lydia’s “earth-side” of things as soon she and Beetlejuice will meet through a strange cross-over “here-after” or nether window down in the local area– as she dwells in the city and Beetlejuice carries on with episodic country adventures as to know St. Louis is to see that dualistic quality.

Certainly, “they’ll meet again” as I’m not going to tell you how. That secret resides in my screenplay, richly-edited and definitely coming-out of strange tangents that afterward, “seem obvious”.

We’ll fill you in, further– so stay tuned “as the plot thickens”.

The more, the merrier.

Slacking with Coffee Fiends

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