Film School, Self-Taught

All filmmakers probably begin “in a garage”, through lengthy and languorous Sunday afternoons daydreaming and half/playing-around with equipment, settings and the like.

You can’t “hit the ground”, running– and there’s an investment involved, going “full-circle” with the learning-curve and otherwise planning this stuff-out with long phases and stages as maybe you have to be crazy to believe in yourself, maybe not.

If you’re a self-starter you don’t even need to go to ever-so-pricy-and-expensive film school as the best enthusiasts always tooled-away in their backyards, sitting-in for take after take and gradually getting a handle on all of this technical detail.

Inspiring, to me and others is the crude, rough n’ tumble alien-heads and gore-guts of Troma films, done on the cheap with a fast smack of the slate-board and otherwise shooting for peanuts– you get what you put into it, and you’d better have a strong back and knees unto the endurance of tree-trunks and level-headedness.

I best know him from the “Make your own Damn Movie” series which takes you in and essentially shows you the basics of film production without you, yourself having to put down tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a series full of funny stories and witty footnotes, like “set-asides” and like you’re talking to an antic auteur a bit like Mel Brooks– “bang, zoom– to the moon” and other fast-hustling enthusiasm with a sweet face and comic possibilities.

Total DIY or “do-it-yourself” as this is the bush leagues carried-out with anxiety and sweat, as you won’t find a great deal glamorous “in getting the shot” and barely holding everything-up by a shoestring and fast-draw technical problem-solving as you must be patient, you must be good– you must have a logistically-manageable way to tell a story.

Now is an exciting-time, with dirt-cheap technology you only have to master and learn like a self-starter. You can use your smartphone with the in-built camera, with benefit of inexpensive apps you can buy online as it’s all shrink-wrapped into manageable size into the palm of your hand.

Who says you can’t do it? Be a pioneer and don’t get buried by glitches and other human frailty. So I’m studying in my spare-time and keep my eye on the dream.

Have you ever fantasized about becoming a filmmaker? I’d love to hear your stories as we send along mutual daydreams and not-so-idle ambitions.

Until next time, don’t get buried under your day job as we’ll be back.

Film School, Self-Taught

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