NES Power-Glove & Fringeware

If Lydia ran her own cable-access t.v. show, I could see her showing off fringe items from her trunk of the strange & unusual– and that means fringewear. Weird electronics or Japanese collectables from the world over like treasured items to fondle over, like curiosity pieces.

One such thing is the Nintendo Power-Glove which you can see, here– was a futuristic way to play old eight-bit video-games as something so weird and ahead of its time. Not many were sold, but they have become valuable collector items. Chiefly, because years ago you could rig-one-up to some DIY home electronics equipment to have it control your mouse on an old P.C..

Apparently, if you lined-up the chips and frequency, the computer could read your movements– wear that with other devices, such as an old pair of Sega 3D glasses and art n’ light displays, then you had a far-out virtual-reality device in your own home office.

There you’d be, moving around ghostly images through old junk signals like a robotic Medieval arm. Imagine rigging one of those up– what if you could fight against ghosts or fling virtual fire-balls at evil creatures? I could see that as a plot device in my movie but I won’t say anymore.

More secrets to come and we’ll return again soon.

NES Power-Glove & Fringeware

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