It’s Showtime!

This just in:

A very fun, bouncy and flirtatious Winona oogled and oggold and threw her hands up in the air on the Seth Meyers late-night program– giddy with the fun of our old favorite movie, here as folks demand to know– “will there be a sequel?”.

As long as I’m here, tapping-away on the keyboard– at least that’s a bit of assurance that some work is being done on it, in the underdog’s quarter– many miles from L.A..

It’s here on this site that we discuss concepts and get ideas out, dropping you little tid-bits and other fun trivia to keep the buzz, alive. We’ll try to post more frequently as keeping-up this site is an enjoyable romp. Far from a franchise throw-back, I want it to be really clever and relevant to the original dynamic of the Lydia and Beetlejuice characters.

And you’re getting the hint of it, down here on the ole’ ground-floor.

Screenwriting is the magic of all those who come-along for the ride, as we’re “a work in progress” and I want you to be there every step of the way on our continuing march to take over the world. We’re the best– and you’re the rest.

So stay tuned. . . . .

It’s Showtime!

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